Inspiring Futures

  • Everyone has a career dream. At Career Cruising, our mission is to inform those dreams to help bring them to life, by developing innovative career development software that students can use to build concrete, living, actionable plans for their future.

    We work hard at informing dreams because when inspired people with personal ambition and career dreams are given the knowledge and information they need to help them define their goals and shape their future, they have the power to achieve their full potential in school, career and life.

    Today, Career Cruising products are in use at over 20,000 schools throughout all 50 states and 10 provinces, with over 5 million page views a day. We support more students, parents and educators than any other career development tool in North America.

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Engaging Your Students!

  • When done well, career development matters… a lot.

    Why? By showing students how to connect their schoolwork to real life – and to their futures – you can positively impact retention, academic achievement, transitions to post-secondary education, and life success. And with more engaged students, you will have higher performing schools and stronger communities.

    That’s why Career Cruising is completely focused on providing the kind of career development that will engage and inspire your students, each and every day.

    Read the University of Derby study that documents the many positive outcomes of career development.

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